About Us

North Ayrshire Green Health Partnership (NAGHP) is part of the Our Natural Health Service Programme. A national cross government initiative, led by Nature Scot, which aims to create a step change in how the natural environment can be used, valued and protected as a precious resource which supports our health and wellbeing.

We are one of four demonstration projects in Scotland (others in Highland, Lanarkshire and Dundee), who are working with their local communities to encourage people to spend more time outdoors in contact with nature every day through promoting green volunteering, pastimes, recreation, learning and active travel.

We are also supporting local community groups and organisations to develop nature-based initiatives such as health walks, Green Gym™ and community growing for everyone to enjoy; and exploring how these initiatives can support people who are in recovery or have a long-term condition to live well.

The NAGHP began in November 2017 following community and partner engagement and support from of the North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) and Community Planning Partnership (CPP).

A multi-agency steering group was created which is accountable to the Active Communities Strategic Partnership.

Our Aims

To improve the health and wellbeing of local communities, getting more people more active more often. Through supporting and encouraging people to spend time outdoors in nature or taking part in green health for example through community growing, walking, Green Gym™, practical conservation (e.g. tree planting), nature-based play etc.

Contributing to reducing health inequalities by working with existing groups to increase provision for vulnerable groups, identifying gaps and supporting activities where there is most need.

Our Vision

GHP shares the vision of the Active Communities Strategy of:

More People More Active More Often

The NA GHP will bring added value to this Strategy and Partnership by shining a spotlight on our natural environment as a resource for health and wellbeing and by developing green health services which support people to be more active more often outdoors in their communities.

Key Objectives

Key objectives of the Green Health Partnership are to:

    • Further develop green health services and initiatives
    • Develop referral pathways and effective signposting
    • Build capacity
    • Information and communication
    • Monitoring and Evaluation