Lochshore Park

Also known as Kilbirnie Loch, this blue space is a freshwater loch situated in the floodplain between Kilbirnie, Glengarnock and Beith. It runs south-west to north-east for almost 2 km, is about 0.5 km wide for the most part and has an area of roughly 3 km2. It has a general depth of around 5.2 metres to a maximum of around 11 metres. The loch is fed mainly by the Maich Water, which rises in the Kilbirnie Hills near Misty Law, and is drained by the Dubbs Water that runs past the Barr Loch into Castle Semple Loch.

Barrmill Park and Gardens, Beith

Barrmill park is a stunning area created and enhanced by local volunteers who have tirelessly renovated and decorated the area. There is space for picnicking, walking dogs, and family walks with plenty of wildlife and wilderness to explore.

You can find information on the Gardens at Scotland’s Garden Scheme.

Barrmill Walks

Explore a set of four walks in the Barrmill area complete with 13 way markers, maps and online info accessible via QR codes. You can access the maps here.

Barrmill Fairy Trail

Explore the powers of your imagination along the woodland fairy trail as you hunt for fairy doors and houses. You will encounter the portraits of the fairy spirits who look after the special trees, plants and flowers found along the trail. Solve the fairy riddles, as your journey in nature soon becomes a real quest for enlightenment and knowledge through Druidic teaching.

Lynn Spout/Glen, Dalry

Lynn Spout is a stunning waterfall on the Caaf Water near Dalry in Ayrshire. It is situated on a short walking route which stretches along both banks of the water which is also scattered with little cascades and rapids. There is a car park at the Lynn Bridge where walkers can start from.

To find out more use this link.

You can also find a detailed account of Gillian's experience of Lynn Glenn from the site Gillian's Walks.


Walking in the Garnock Valley - Garnock Connections

Walking in Garnock Valley is a project aimed at getting more people involved in walking in the Garnock Valley. Whether that is to get physically active, or to become a walk leader so that you can pass on your knowledge of your local area and share all the benefits of exploring the outdoors.

There are many fantastic walks in the Garnock Valley and it is important that we share that with as many people as possible. Rivers, hills, woodlands you name it there are walks in the Garnock Valley.

If you want to know more about walks in Garnock Valley, about becoming a walk leader or more information contact Kate Cuthbert. You can reach Kate on: Katecuthbert@north-ayrshire.gov.uk or 01294 324298.

You can also see on the webpage how many Paths for All walk leader courses have been delivered, walk leaders trained, led walks with attendees, first-aid courses and first-aid leaders trained. Get Involved!

Dr Bike - Bicycle Maintenance

Do you want to get out on your bike but have a maintenance issue? Something is needing fixed and you have lost confidence in your ability to cycle.

Why not attend a Dr Bike session at the Dalry Community Sports Hub. Come along and drop in for FREE bike maintenance and wellbeing support run by Stewart Beck.

For more information on Dr Bike contact Stewart Beck on email: stewartbeck@north-ayrshire.gov.uk


Garnock Valley Trails

Garnock Valley Trails is a project by Radio City Association to create a valuable community resource in the Garnock Valley through the Mobility Hub.

We aim to tackle a number of issues through active travel and increasing mobility through sustainable access to affordable transport.

The project is multi-faceted, including coordinating a response to the climate emergency through tree planting and other biodiversity measures. We also promote healthy lifestyles through enabling access to mental health and wellbeing resources and our trails app which also provides education on local heritage as well as the development of an outdoor community gym.

You can find a map here. Trails included are:

  • Dalry Lover’s Walk
  • Kilbirnie & Glengarnock Heritage Trail.
  • Healthy Hills Trail
  • Black History in the Garnock Valley
  • Place Woodland Walk
  • Lochshore and Auchengree Woodland
  • Radio City to the Spout of the River Garnock


Radio City Association eBikes

Radio City Association are providing state-of-the-art eBikes to help address the low levels of access to transport of local people, promote environmentally friendly transport and encourage active travel for local journeys.

The bikes are available for hire and are even free for young people who are in training or education. We are also looking to establish a ride sharing scheme and will also shortly be able to offer an electric car and electric van for hire.

More information on the wider programme can be found here.

If you want to know more or investigate hiring an eBike then contact radiocityassociation.co.uk 


Beith Development Trust eBikes

The Beith Community Development Trust have eBike's available to people across the Garnock Valley. The project has been running since 2022 and looks to encourage people to demonstrate to participants how an eBike could successfully integrate into regular travel behaviours, socially, recreationally and for work or business.

Beith Community Development Trust offer our eBike's to anyone aged 18+ in the local community. The bike loans last up to 4-weeks and people are welcome to re-apply if they wish. There is also the opportunity to take part in a survey to increase understanding on active travel.

If you want to know more information about the project or to inquire about an eBike loan contact hello@geilsland.com or go on to the Geilsland estate Facebook page, Geilsland Facebook.