Ardeer Quarry Local Nature Reserve, Stevenston

The eastern half of Ardeer Quarry was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 2011 for its wildlife and community value. It contains a diverse mix of habitats in a relatively small area: semi-mature broadleaved woodland, small stands of conifers, wet woodland, a sizeable pond, marshland, grassland and overgrown Brownfield land are all crammed into this urban green space. The result of this habitat diversity is a great variety of plant and animal species.

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Stevenston Beach Local Nature Reserve, Stevenston

Stevenston is a sandy beach curving gently round a bay between Irvine and Saltcoats.  The beach is backed by low, grassy dunes and lies in an area which has been designated as a Local Nature Reserve.

The dunes here provide a habitat to a variety of bird and plant life. Also look out for wild flowers in the dunes during the summer months. Fenced footpaths lead down to the beach to limit erosion to the dune system.

From the beach there are striking views across the Firth of Forth towards the Isle of Arran.

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Tide Times in Three Towns

There is a great resource for people across Scotland, particularly useful for those in North Ayrshire beside coastline habitats e.g. Three Towns called Tides Chart.

This is a website that provides FREE information for people on their local beaches or coastline. If you want to plan a visit to beaches in Three Towns you can find out about low tide & high tide times, weather, temperature, wind and humidity.

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