Green Health Network

Are you involved in a project or activity that gets people outdoors and benefits their health? We’d love to hear from you! The Green Health Network is a chance for groups and organisations to come together, learn, share ideas, and make connections with others in North Ayrshire.

Initially set up for community groups and local organisations who received Green heath Development Fund (31 projects 2018/19) the Green Health Network consisted of grass roots green health projects. Over time it has adapted and evolved into a forum for passionate and enthusiastic people to share skills and knowledge around green health projects or nature based intervention. Attendance ranges from those in Environmental Conservation sector, Health and Social Care, Education Services, Leisure Services, North Ayrshire Council, Third Sector Interface and Local Community groups/organisations.

Whether you have an interest in training, funding, networking with like-minded individuals, sharing knowledge, skills or resources we encourage all who are interested in the work of the GHP or indeed Green Health to attend.